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Rüdiger, it is "Roe" not Rae:

Author: Roe, Jae-Ryung
Year: 1996
Title: Encountering the World: The Past and the Present
Book Title: Contemporary Art in Asia: Traditions, Tensions
Editor: Apinan, Poshyananda
Publisher: Asia Society Galleries
City: New York
Pages: 93-101

You can e-mail her at
     jrroe at hitel.net
She also has a most fascinating dissertation on "Representation of National
Identity in Korean Art ..." (available from UMI).


>Dear list,
>deos anybody know the article:
>Encountering the World: The Past and the Present, by Jae-Ryung Rae?
>It is on the development of Korean arts in the context of global influence.
>Unfortunately, I have only a part of it as a copy and don't know where it
>has been published.
>Thank you in advance,
>Rudiger Frank
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