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Joshua Margolis jmargoli at nimbus.ocis.temple.edu
Sat Dec 11 10:45:59 EST 1999

When present, your e-mail software (in your case, Outlook Express 5)
automatically uses the address in the "Reply-To" header instead of the one
in "From" header. This is probably how most of the private messages end up
getting accidentally sent to the list. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any
Windows-based e-mail clients that let you choose which address to use when
both headers are present. Perhaps Eudora does. I don't know.


----- Original Message -----
Dear List:

    I used Reply to write to Prof. Lee Sang-Oak, having checked to make sure
that his email was From his own address.

    Somehow, I don't know how, it got sent to the whole list.  I think in
future rather than Replying to the writer of a message on the list I'll just
address my response to him.

    As a matter of fact, I had been thinking of sending out my letter of a
week ago to the Korea Herald anyway, if they didn't print it soon.


John H. T. Harvey
jharvey at nuri.net


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