[KS] maps of Korea

Henny Savenije adam&eve at henny-savenije.demon.nl
Fri Jul 2 19:34:30 EDT 1999

Dear list, 

I have two things. Anyone interested in 17th century European maps about
Korea are invited to take a look at:
http://www.henny-savenije.demon.nl/maps.htm and

If anyone can tell me anything more about the Korean maps I would be happy.

I also collected all the 17th century Dutch (well I think I have them all)
documents mentioning Korea, but unfortunately I still have to translate
them, they are at:

>From another list I received the following question, does anyone have an
answer to that?

>took a quick look.  wonderful!
>look forward to closer study.
>by the way,  do you happen to know
>which institutions hold
>premier map collection of
>korean peninsula?
>regarding my own peninsular carto project
>involving terrain @ 38 00N,  some
>info of my presentation at upcoming
>conference of north american
>cartographic information society (nacis):
Henny  (Lee Hae Kang)

Feel free to visit 
and feel the thrill of Hamel discovering Korea (1653-1666)


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