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I wanted to forward this message to Henny Savenije, but thinking that it
might be of interest to some other members of the list as well, I decided
to post it to the list.  Joy.

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>Dr. Buswell,
>Joy Kim is beginning jury duty and might not have a chance to respond as
>readily, so I'll answer.  We have about 175 maps scanned and on two
>CD-ROMs.  Unfortunately, our effort to catalog--or even list these
>fully--has been delayed by the move into our new facility.  We do have a
>list of 87 of these maps on our website:
>This could give you some indication of what we have.  Aside from the
>collection which is centered on representations of the "Sea of Korea," we
>have a number of maps from the collection of Shannon McCune which date from
>the period of Prof. Savenije's article.  I'll try to get more of the maps
>listed on the website, but if there are particular maps, or periods, or map
>features that would be useful for the article, let me know and I can focus
>on those.
>--Ken Klein
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>At 05:16 PM 7/6/99 PST, you wrote:
>>Dear Ms. Kim: I have asked Henny Savenije in The Netherlands to 
>>write an article for _Korean Culture_ magazine (which I edit) on 
>>European maps of Korea from the 17th through the 19th centuries.  I 
>>just saw your posting to the Korean Studies site regarding all the 
>>maps  of Asia the Korean Heritage Library has from this same period.  
>>Would it be possible to get plates or transparencies of some of these 
>>maps (or of the Korea sections of these maps) to run with Prof. 
>>Savenije's article?  I'll copy Prof. Savenije on this e-mail as well, 
>>so he knows that request has been made.  
>>Thanks so much for your help.
>>Robert Buswell
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>>The Korean Heritage Library of the University of Southern California has a
>>collection of about 150 mostly European maps of 17th-19th century,
>>featuring Asia.  There are a few featuring the world. One curious
>>characteristic of our collection has to do with the name of the body of
>>water between Japan and Korea.  Most maps in our collection calls it the
>>"Sea of Korea" (or its equivalent depending on the language of the map)
>>rather than the more commonly known the "Sea of Japan".  Our maps have been
>>scanned, but they are not yet on the Web.  Our goal is to make them
>>available on the Web.  
>>At 01:34 AM 7/3/99 +0200, you wrote:
>>>Dear list, 
>>>I have two things. Anyone interested in 17th century European maps about
>>>Korea are invited to take a look at:
>>>http://www.henny-savenije.demon.nl/maps.htm and
>>>If anyone can tell me anything more about the Korean maps I would be happy.
>>>I also collected all the 17th century Dutch (well I think I have them all)
>>>documents mentioning Korea, but unfortunately I still have to translate
>>>them, they are at:
>>>>From another list I received the following question, does anyone have an
>>>answer to that?
>>>>took a quick look.  wonderful!
>>>>look forward to closer study.
>>>>by the way,  do you happen to know
>>>>which institutions hold
>>>>premier map collection of
>>>>korean peninsula?
>>>>regarding my own peninsular carto project
>>>>involving terrain @ 38 00N,  some
>>>>info of my presentation at upcoming
>>>>conference of north american
>>>>cartographic information society (nacis):
>>>Henny  (Lee Hae Kang)
>>>Feel free to visit 
>>>and feel the thrill of Hamel discovering Korea (1653-1666)
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