[KS] Fulbright Forum correct title

Horace H. Underwood hhu at fulbright.or.kr
Wed Sep 22 03:59:16 EDT 1999

Dear fellow Koreanists:

Earlier today you received a message inviting you to
the first fall Fulbright Forum, to be held Tuesday,
Sept. 28 at the Fulbright offices in Seoul.  In that
message the general topic of the talk was described
correctly but I did not give the exact title of the
lecture to be given by Prof. Young Whan KIHL.
The title is: "Korea Enters the Post-Cold-War Era 
Via Globalization."  

I look forward to seeing many of you on Tuesday.

Horace H. Underwood, Executive Director
Korean-American Educational Commission (Fulbright)
Seoul, Korea
hhu at fulbright.or.kr


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