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Daniel Corey Kane dkane at hawaii.edu
Tue Nov 7 16:57:50 EST 2000

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Dear Robert Armstrong and list members, 

Regarding the question on the General Sherman...I don't know if you have
ever used either Cornell Univ or University of Michigan's digital
archiving project called Making of America. Despite its name it can be
very useful for researching Asian topics, notably as they're related to
the U.S. It has full text data bases of American periodicals going back
over 150 years, all indexed and searchable. Really amazing (to me). It can
be found at http://cdl.library.cornell.edu/moa. There's a link there to
Michigan's site, which has archived different periodicals.  To
get back to the Sherman, I had heard of Burgevine the self-styled general
involved in the Taiping Uprising. He replaced the mortally wounded
General Ward and was soon killed himself fighting the Taiping. I
didn't, however, know of his connection to the Sherman, so I was
intrigued by your mail. Thanks. Please see the following link (from
Making of America) for an article that links him to the same ill-fated
General Sherman.  


Sorry for the incredibly long link. The citation is from: William Speer,
"Corea: What Shall we Do with Her?" The Galaxy magazine, Vol. 13 No. 3
(March 1872) p. 309

Dan Kane

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Robert Armstrong wrote:

> I am sorry to bother the group with yet another question.....
> There was an American mercenary named Burgevine who seized an American ship 
> named the General Sherman while it was at Yokohama in late April 1865.  He 
> then took this ship back to Taiwan in May and refurbished his ship and crew 
> with mercenaries and weapons.  He was eventually arrested.
> My question is:  Was this the same ship as the General Sherman that was 
> destroyed by the Koreans?
> Thanks for any assistance...
> Robert
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