[KS] LIST, administrative notice

Frank Hoffmann frank at koreaweb.ws
Tue Dec 11 22:23:05 EST 2001

Re:  "Request to mailing list Koreanstudies rejected"


Dear list subscribers -- if you should get an e-mail with the subject line
     "Request to mailing list Koreanstudies rejected"
after having mailed something to KoreanStudies, please be so good to 
actually read what's in it. In many cases this is not a complete 
rejection but a request to rephrase something. There may also have 
been a technical problem. For example, we just received a message 
that was cut off in the middle (well, *maybe* in the middle). The 
above subject line is automatically added by the mailing list system 
whenever a message is returned to the sender.

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