[KS] dropping McCune-Reischauer for 20th/21st c. personal names

Gari Keith Ledyard gkl1 at columbia.edu
Thu Dec 13 17:20:05 EST 2001

Dear Frank,
	I hope we can wind up this colloquy soon.  We cannot "drop" a rule
that does not exist.  George McCune, in introducing the McC-R system in
1939, did not prescribe, nor could he have, that all Korean scholars must
use the system all the time with no exceptions.  If I remember correctly,
he was in fact quite tolerant of individual spellings.  Apart from what
McCune himself wrote, there is no other authority for this system.
Individual journals and editors may have their own rules, and that is
their right.  And on your comment that...

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Frank Hoffmann wrote:

> I am somewhat confused by the rhetorical means you use in discussing 
> this issue -- as if this where dear Frank's personal problem. That's 
> not an appropriate, I think.

...I think that is exactly what it is--a matter for personal choice--
yours for your own good reasons, and everyone else's for theirs.


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