[KS] Inquiry: Translation theory

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"Hanguk munhak ui oeguko ponyok" or "Foreign language translation from Korean literature" edited by Kim Chong-gil et al., Seoul; Minumsa.1997, is the compilation of essays and discussions from the international conference on the translation of Korean literature, in 1996. In the book, you will find various issues in various languages. Yes, more than half in Korean. 420 pages, hardhack. www.kcaf.or.kr ,  www.daesan.or.kr, and  also can help one who searches for information related with literature translation.

Young-Jun Lee

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> Dear list members,
> I am working on a research project of translation studies at Macquarie University in Australia
> (independently from the current Translation and Interpreting program of the university).
> As a background research I am looking for previous studies on translation theory (theories), in the
> case of translation between Korean and languages other than Korean.
> I would be most grateful if anybody could direct me to the resources or offer any information.
> Sincerely,
> Junghee Chang

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