[KS] Administrative note: KOREAN "Windows 2002"

KS LIST ADMINISTRATION Koreanstudies-admin at koreaweb.ws
Mon Jan 14 01:30:57 EST 2002

     for those of you using a KOREAN version
     of Windows 2002 -- others may ignore this

Dear List Subscribers:

Nobody is perfect ... not to speak of Microsoft -);

We are not 100% sure, but it seems that the KOREAN version of Windows 
2002 (or is it 2000?) and our mailing list program (Mailman) have 
some intercultural communication problems. Messages, we *believe*, 
that come from PCs with Korean versions of Windows 2002 are not 
legible in the administrative Web interface of Mailman. Such messages 
look to us like this: "HJDGIUYDWAIUSZQQXZXZXVNB"  Obviously that's an 
encoding problem. Until there is a new version of Mailman (or Korean 
Windows) that addresses this problem those of you using a Korean 
Windows 2002 system, please send your messages to the following 

      Koreanstudies-admin at koreaweb.ws

... adding "-admin" to the usual LIST address (Koreanstudies at koreaweb.ws).
All moderators will receive those messages in normal e-mail, and we 
can then "redirect" those messages to the list (which solves the 

Best wishes,

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