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Fri Jan 18 00:10:45 EST 2002

Hello lists members of Korean Studies,

I always learn a lot from this list.  I really appreciate that.

I wonder if anyone could help me out with the following question. 

I am trying to get some information on English teachers, who taught 
in the Foreign Language School (founded in 1886 as Yuk-yeong 
Gong-weon); W. du F. Hutchinson, T. E. Hallifax, and A. B. Turner. 
Hutchinson was the headmaster of Gwanrip Yeong-eo Hakgyo [The Public 
English School] and the other two were English teachers in the 
school.  I am also aware of that they were from Britain - I learnt it 
from some history books on Korean education.  They coordinated the 
first athletic meeting in Korea in 1896.  These are all I know about 

Is there anyone who could guide me to find clues about them more 
details and correct me if I am wrong with above information?  Or 
would you introduce me someone who is expert in this?  I am deadly 
curious about where were they born and educated?  When did they come 
to Korea and what did they do after the school was abolished?

I have been searching for these three persons in biographical 
references such as "Who's Who?", "British National Biography", 
"Current Biography" and so forth,  however, it hasn't been successful 

Hope some of you could help.

Thanks for your reading and looking forward to hearing from you with 
positive news.

All the best.

Gwang Ok
PhD Student
IRCSSS, Educational Studies
Strathclyde Unive.
76 Southbrae Drive, Jordanhill
G13 1PP
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