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The “Naehan Son’gyosa Ch’ongnam 1884-1984”, published by the Han’guk
Kidokkyo Yoksa Yon’guso (1994) provides the following information on Arthur
Beresford Turner (p.500). Born 24 August 1862, deceased 28 November 1910.
Graduated in 1885 from Oxford University, ordained in 1888 (Anglican).

He arrived as an Anglican missionary in Korea on 2 December 1896. In July
1904, he was ordained as bishop (chugyo, I don’t know whether I translate
the term correctly, I’m unfamiliar with Anglican terminology) of the Korean
Anglican church. He was also affiliated with the YMCA, where he initially
chaired the sports committee.

I hope this helps,

Koen De Ceuster
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