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List members and valued resources:

I was able to get the following citations from the Bibliography of Asian 
Studies (U. of Michigan) but have been unable to find the journals in the 
libraries in Cleveland, OH, USA.

       Could someone help me with contact information or websites for the 
following Journals?  I would like to be able to copy the articles listed from 
the websites or pay to have them copied for me and mailed to me.

       I am considering doing an MA essay (5,000 words) on the question 
generally of "Why the Koreans can use Hangul exclusively (if this is so) and 
the Japanese cannot dispense with the Kanji in every day publications such as 
newspapers and magazines?" Does it have to do with linguistics, nationalism, 
culture, or a combination of all of these elements?

1.  Author: Ahn, Pyong-Hi
Title: Theory on the mixed use of Korean and Chinese characters
Citation: Seoul Journal of Korean Studies (Seoul) 5 (Dec 1992) 3-38 

2.  Author: Song, Ki Joong
Title: The writing systems of Northeast Asia and the origin of the Korean 
alphabet, han'gul
Citation: Seoul Journal of Korean Studies (Seoul) 11 (Dec 1998) 3-50 

3.  Author: Pihl, Marshall R., Jr.
Title: The alphabet of East Asia
Citation: In: The Korean language. Seoul: Si-sa-yong-o-sa, 1983. 277p. 1983 

4.  Author: Buzo, Adrian
Title: An introduction to early Korean writing systems
Citation: In: The Korean language. Seoul: Si-sa-yong-o-sa, 1983. 277p. 1983 

5.  Author: Kim, Hyong-gyu
Title: Chinese characters and the Korean language
Citation: In: The Korean language. Seoul: Si-sa-yong-o-sa, 1983. 277p. 1983 

6   Author: Kim, Jin-p'yong
Title: The letterforms of Han'gul: its origin and process of transformation
Citation: In: The Korean language. Seoul: Si-sa-yong-o-sa, 1983. 277p. 1983 
80-102 [Also in KOR J 23, no.6 (Jun 1983) 9-22.] 

7.  Author: Heo, Ung
Title: Hangeul day, reflecting the spirit of the people
Citation: Korea Focus (Seoul) 8, no.6 (Nov-Dec 2000) 46-48 

8.  Author: Nam, Seungho; Kim, Seong-wou [authors]
Title: Proposed use of Chinese characters: two views
Citation: Korea Focus (Seoul) 7, no.2 (Mar-Apr 1999) 143-148 

9.  Author: Hannas, Wm. C.
Title: Korean views on writing reform
Citation: Sino-Platonic Papers (Philadelphia, PA) no.27 (Aug 1991) 85-94 

10. Author: Tomasi, Massimiliano
Title: Quest for a new written language: Western rhetoric and the genbun 
itchi movement
Citation: Monumenta Nipponica (Tokyo) 54, no.3 (Fall 1999) 333-360 

11. Author: Twine, Nanette
Title: Standardizing written Japanese: a factor in modernization
Citation: Monumenta Nipponica (Tokyo) 43, no.4 (Win 1988) 429-454 

12. Author: Unger, J. Marshall
Title: The very idea: the notion of ideogram in China and Japan
Citation: Monumenta Nipponica (Tokyo) 45, no.4 (Win 1990) 391-411 

13. Author: Gottlieb, Nanette
Title: Language and politics: the reversal of postwar script reform policy in 
Citation: Journal of Asian Studies (Ann Arbor, MI) 53, no.4 (Nov 1994) 

14. Author: Gottlieb, Nanette
Title: Language policy and written Japanese
Citation: New Zealand Journal of East Asian Studies (Hamilton, New Zealand) 
3, no.2 (Dec 1995) 27-40 

15. Author: Gater, William
Title: Do Chinese characters influence thought?
Citation: Asiatic Society of Japan Bulletin (Tokyo) no.9 (Nov 1991) 2-4 

16. Author: Takebe, Yoshiaki
Title: The development of the Japanese writing system
Citation: Waseda Journal of Asian Studies (Tokyo) 7 (1985) 1-13 

17. Author: Kazanksy, Boris
Title: Can Chinese writing be changed?
Citation: Far Eastern Affairs (Moscow) no.111 (1997) 78-81 

Thanks for any help,

Clark Tufts
MA candidate (Online)
Asia Pacific Studies, University of Leeds (UK) 

(PS. I will reach my 71st birthday on the 29th of this month, I mention this 
only to let you know that I am a dedicated, but non-traditonal student)

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