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Edward Reed ereed at facstaff.wisc.edu
Fri Mar 1 11:53:24 EST 2002

Dear Korean Studies Colleagues,

The Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 
with support from the Korea Economics Institute, will sponsor a symposium 
on "North Korea's Engagement with the Global Economy:  Prospects and 
Challenges," April 12-13, in Madison.  The symposium is free and open to 
the public.  We welcome you to Madison for this timely and stimulating 
two-day meeting.  I regret that we cannot make travel or lodging 
arrangements for you.  The following link will take you to the symposium 
web page where you will find detailed information on the program as well as 
information on lodging in Madison:


At this time when North Korea is framed as a terrorist threat and the U.S. 
government has shifted from dialogue to confrontation, this symposium will 
focus on more positive developments.  North Korea has made clear its desire 
to engage the international community through broader diplomatic relations, 
expanded trade and foreign investment in its economy.  How extensive and 
serious are these efforts and what are the prospects that they will 
succeed?  What can be learned from the experience of other socialist and 
post-socialist states that have trod the path of opening to the global 
economy?  How can South Korea, China, Japan and the European Union respond 
to North Korea in ways that encourage engagement with the world 
community?  These are the overarching questions to be addressed in this 
symposium.  We invite you to join the dialogue.

Edward Reed
Associate Director
Center for East Asian Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison
<http:///>ereed at facstaff.wisc.<http:///>edu

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