[KS] Romanization tendencies in the West

J. Palais palais at u.washington.edu
Fri Mar 1 14:59:56 EST 2002

To all:
	I agree with Gari Ledyard on romanization.
			Jim Palais

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Gari Keith Ledyard wrote:

> To the well-reasoned statement by Joy Kim speaking to the library
> dimension of the romanization issue, we should add the consequences of
> changing romanization in all matters geographic and cartographical.
> Although it took the U.S. government and the National Geopgraphic Society
> longer than it should have, by the mid 1950s McCune-Reischauer was well
> established on maps and in atlases and gazeteers.  International map
> publishers have followed the lead, and at present we have relatively good
> order in the realm of place names on maps.  It would not be wise to throw
> an investment of nearly half a century into chaos by changing the
> romanization.  Korea has decided to go its own way, and there is nothing
> that we can do to stop that.  But we have our own traditions and our own
> responsibilities, and they impel us to maintain consistency.
> 	In the broader realm and more to the point of Anthony's question,
> I have not noticed any significant movement in the direction of the Korean
> system insofar as Western Korean studies are concerned.  The senior and
> mid-life Korean specialists in the West seem to be staying with McC-R.
> What is not certain is the attitude of the younger scholars.  But for the
> time being, I would say that books on Korean matters written for Western
> audiences can safely stick with McC-R and not lose currency.  The
> linguists, for very good reasons, will continue to use the Yale system,
> which would also be a good system to use in email communication.
> Gari Ledyard
> On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Brother Anthony wrote...
> > ...
> > In only vague connection with this query, I would be very grateful for any helpful comments on
> > the current and prospective future international use of the "new" romanization system, having
> > recently become involved with helping prepare a book in English designed for overseas use which
> > writes all the names of 20th-century Korean writers in the new way. Should I be preparing to
> > publish volumes of work by Go Eun rather than Ko Un?
> >
> > Please note, I am not asking what people think of the system but whether it is being adopted
> > seriously outside of Korea.
> >
> > Brother Anthony
> > Sogang University, Seoul
> >

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