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Dear list members,

The KOREA JOURNAL will deal with the special issue titled "Gwageo  cheongsan (MR: Kwago ch'ongsan) in Korean Modern History" in its 2002 autumn issue. Articles in this issue will analyze the development, significance and future tasks concerning gwageo cheongsan. Articles to be published in this special issue are as follows.

1. "Gwageo cheongsan" in Modern Korean History
2. Refracted Modernity and the Issue of Pro-Japanese Collaborators in Korea
3. How To Reveal the Iceberg under the Sea?: The Problems in Historical Clarification of the Korean War
4. The Significance of "gwageo cheongsan" of the December 12 Coup and 
the May 18 Gwangju Uprising
5. Attempted "gwageo choengsan" in April Popular Struggle 
6. Finding the Truth on the Suspicious Deaths Under South Koreas Military Dictatorship
7. State Violence and Sacrifices under Military Authoritarianism and  Dynamics of "gwageo cheongsan" during Democratic Transition

However, we have had difficulty in translating "gwageo cheongsan" into an appropriate English term. Some alternatives have been suggested such as "dealing with the wrong past," "liquidating the past," "rectifying the past," and "righting past wrongs," but none of these is satisfactory. We ask anyone who is struck with a good idea regarding this matter to let us know.


Korea Journal
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