[KS] 'Invented' 'Traditions'

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Feb 11 16:26:09 EST 2003

>Incidentally, reacting to Frank's comment that nothing similar to 
>the H&R definition of 'invented traditions' comes to mind in respect 
>to Korean Confucianism, I would recommend some of the research by 
>Kim Kwangok (particularly: 'Socio-cultural Implications of the 
>Recent Invention of Tradition in Korea', published in Papers of the 
>British Association for Korean Studies 1: 7-27).

Just read the section about "Confucian circles" and yurim twice. I do 
not see a single convincing argument why this is headed "The 
Invention of Tradition" rather than, maybe, "The Revival or 
Appropriation of Confucian Traditions."  Not that I think there are 
no invented Confucian traditions -- I just don't see how this would 
be an example. As Kim writes himself: "Confucian activities are 
supported by the government, and the yurim in turn support the 
government.  In this regard, the revival of tradition in Confucian 
circles is viewed in the context of their support for the 
establishment." (p. 16)


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