[KS] Taehan kyenyOn sa - translated into Korean at last!

Vladimir Tikhonov vladimir.tikhonov at east.uio.no
Tue Aug 3 11:31:34 EDT 2004

Dear colleagues,

I am glad to inform you that in June, 2004, full and commented Korean 
translation of ChOng Kyo's (1856-1925) famed epical diary of the last years 
of ChosOn Korea, <Taehan kyenyOn sa>, saw the daylight at last (SomyOng 
Publishers, Vol. 1-10). Almost 10 years of dedicated research and 
translation by a group of younger historians headed by Prof. Cho Kwang 
(KoryO Un-ty), resulted in a wonderful, thoroughly commented work, bringing 
to the popular reader the intimate details of 1890-1900s political and 
cultural life ChOng Kyo witnessed and chronicled. In a way, I guess, for 
the researchers of "Kuhanmal" the publication of ChOng Kyo's work in Korean 
is of importance comparable to that of Koreanization of Silloks for these 
working on ChosOn period.

It looks that recently the translation of hanmun historical records into 
Korean is viewed with much more respect and interest, as a kind of research 
work on equal footing with monograph/acad, article production - unlike the 
past, when it was customarily left to Kukp'yOn or PhD students. It may 
suggest a growing awareness of the importance of high-quality 
popularization of history - and/or a kind of post-modernist subversion of 
the traditional fetishistic cult of the "duly academic" forms of writing.

Vladimir Tikhonov/Pak Noja

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