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Good to see this hardy perennial being taken
for another brisk walk around the block
(to mix metaphors).

Re "the Korean gov't ", please don't forget that 
there are in fact two of them - and for once
the North looks the more sensible of the pair,
at least to my inexpert eye.

Apart from the odd curious excess of aspiration
- Phyongan, Thaesong, etc - the DPRK's system
seems much more sensible and natural than all
the ghastly Gims and Gyeonggis which are now
the party line in Seoul, seemingly ineluctably.
(But I've become reconciled to Incheon, which - as
someone observed - is no sillier than luncheon.)

Come unification, this will need sorting. I gather
there have been some inter-Korean discussions of
romanization. Did they agree on anything?

best wishes,

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> I second this.  At my graduate school we are asked to use the new
> romanization system, even by professors who simultaneously say they
> dislike it.   If the Korean gov't does NOT change the system again
> (anytime soon) I expect the new system will replace M-R on all work
> done _inside_ of Korea.
> On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 11:07:36 +0900, rupert <rupert at aks.ac.kr> wrote:
> > Not sure about the US, but despite initial statements of rejection by 
> various people and organisations, there has been a quiet yet real shift towards 
> the new system in South Korea. And not only in official press; some of my 
> students now write their own names as Gim or Bak etc.
> > 
> > Rupert Atkinson
> > AKS
> >

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