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This, from the Chosun Ilbo, brings the genre bang up to date!

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Updated Aug.23,2005 14:21 KST  
Chilling Tales from a Haunted Airplane
If you think that the presence of plenty of modern technology keeps ghosts at 
bay, think again. The very symbol of the age of science, an airplane by a 
domestic carrier, has become the subject of a series of spine-tingling tales. 
Last January, aboard a flight from Sydney to Incheon, a 36 year old housewife who 
suffered from depression hanged herself in one of the bathrooms at the rear 
of the plane. The crew quickly discovered the body and did everything they 
could to avoid any commotion or disturbance among the other passengers. 

But two months later, when the same aircraft touched down in Washington D.C., 
the smoke detector in that bathroom went off. Crew went to check but found no 
one there. Some of the crew recalled the suicide two months earlier and were 
scared stiff. Another two months on the crew was assigned to the same plane 
once again, and they decided to bring some soju -- traditional Korean liquor -- 
and sprinkle it in the bathroom to appease the vengeful spirit. 

But that did not end the haunting of the aircraft. One first class crewmember 
describes his extraordinary experience. "On a long-haul flight, a Buddhist 
monk and I were the only two in first class. Late at night, long after all the 
lights were out and things started to quiet down, the monk kept muttering and 
just couldn't get to sleep. I asked him why he kept chanting sutras, and he 
told me there were dead people sitting in each of the empty seats. Then he 
continued chanting." 

The plane's "bunker", a dark, narrow space where crew nap during shifts, is 
rumored to be particularly prone to visits from the other world. As the story 
goes, a flight attendant sleeping there felt cold and was shivering when 
someone told him to go back to sleep and pulled the blanket over him. Roused, he 
found a hand sticking out of the wall. 

The rumors have reportedly got so bad that crew members complain they are too 
scared to board the haunted plane. An airline official offered a more prosaic 
reading. "It's possible that working in a closed space place for extended 
periods leads them to overreact and sends their imagination into overdrive." 

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> There's a truly nasty one about the ghost in the outhouse, in one of 
> Richard Rutt's articles in -- What?-- the RAS / Korea journal.  And 
> there's another every time the bamboo grove whispers!
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> > I would like your assistance in identifying some Korean (either 
> > classical or modern) "ghost" stories/tales in either Korean or 
> > English.  Any kind of "ghost" stories would be appreciated--whether of 
> > the spirit, kwishin, Tokkebi, human or animal type.  Bibliographical 
> > information would be greatly appreciated, if known.
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> > Related to the first query, I'm also interested in scholarly works 
> > that deal with emotions related to "fear" provoked by "ghosts" in Korea.
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> > Thank you in advance for your assistance,
> > Jina Kim
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