[KS] Korean Ghost Stories

Stefan Ewing sa_ewing at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 23 19:38:19 EDT 2005

Dear KS list members:

"Hmmm, what is a tokkaebi," I wondered after reading Ms. Kim's post and the 
various replies.  I was going to ask for a brief rundown, but decided to do 
a bit of digging.

"Ah, *that's* a tokkaebi," I thought, upon discovering that a familiar 
architectural design motif features the creature, as shown in pictures here 
(for anyone else who was wondering): 

And my curiosity was further satisfied by this article from a package tour 
company's website (don't know if that's the original source for the article 
or not, as there is no citation): 

Stefan Ewing

>From: jinakim at u.washington.edu
>Reply-To: Korean Studies Discussion List <Koreanstudies at koreaweb.ws>
>To: Korean Studies Discussion List <Koreanstudies at koreaweb.ws>
>Subject: [KS] Korean Ghost Stories
>Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 15:07:25 -0700 (PDT)
>Dear List Members,
>I would like your assistance in identifying some Korean (either classical 
>or modern) "ghost" stories/tales in either Korean or English.  Any kind of 
>"ghost" stories would be appreciated--whether of the spirit, kwishin, 
>Tokkebi, human or animal type.  Bibliographical information would be 
>greatly appreciated, if known.
>Related to the first query, I'm also interested in scholarly works that 
>deal with emotions related to "fear" provoked by "ghosts" in Korea.
>Thank you in advance for your assistance,
>Jina Kim

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