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Japan Focus has recently posted a series of important articles on 
Korea, north and south, and U.S.-Korea-Japan relations, with several 
more in the pipeline. It is possible that they include some that you 
have not run across elsewhere.

They include

Kajimura Tai'ichiro, Democracy and National Security in South Korea: 
The Song Du Yol Affair


Kang Sang Jung, Sanctions Against North Korea or East Asian Security 


Bruce Cumings, Nuclear Threats Against North Korea: Consequences of 
the 'Forgotten' War


Selig S. Harrison, Did North Korea Cheat?


A Proposal by the Task Force on U.S. Korea Policy, Ending the North 
Korean Nuclear Crisis


An interview on North Korea with the ROK former Unification Minister 
will be up shortly.

It's not too late to subscribe!


We have decided to offer a reduced subscription rate for Korea specialists.

mark selden
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