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Keith Howard kh at soas.ac.uk
Fri Jun 10 11:20:03 EDT 2005

Brother Anthony

I can't access the website. Is this temporary, or is the url incorrect?


>I am not sure that everyone knows that there is 
>another list of "books from Korea" (mostly books 
>about some aspect of Korea) up for translation 
>grabs by anyone with the skill, time and energy. 
>But . . . translations have to be completed by 
>May 31 next year. 96 books, with about half of 
>them listed for translation into English. The 
>list and full details are available in the 
>little popup box headed µµº‚º±¡§ƒ·ƒ™ ¼× 
>¼¯ø¡–ø¯‡‰ ˆª ƒ¯ƒÌ  that appears when you enter 
>the KLTI home page http://www.ltikorea.net/ Some 
>of the books are really massive tomes full of 
>highly technical vocabulary (the book on Korean 
>Kut for example) and  I do wonder if even a team 
>of scholars could translate it properly in the 
>time. Applications have to be received by the 
>end of this month. Good luck.
>Brother Anthony
>Sogang University, Seoul

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