[KS] Korean romanizations perplexities (again): a seorry state of affairs

Charles Muller cmuller-lst at jj.em-net.ne.jp
Wed Nov 2 02:38:09 EST 2005

Aidan Foster-Carter wrote:

> I fear that Charles Muller's seorry tale also has a more general lesson
> about falling standards at publishers; yea, even the university presses
> of our most ancient seats of learning.

Unfortunately, the errors that I reported turned out to be only the 
tip of the iceberg with that particular volume. Another contributor 
(Michel Mohr) had half of his Pinyin inexplicably changed to 
Wade-Giles; the title of my article is given differently in the table 
of contents, and so on. A disaster. So far, Oxford has not responded 
to my requests for an explanation, and the volume editors tell me that 
I should not pay undue attention to "glitches" and instead try to look 
on the bright side of things.

Lesson learned, again.


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