[KS] Films dealing with the Colonial Period

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Dear Rick,

Please try to find the film "KUm-hong-a KUm-hong-a" (Director Kim Yu-jin,
T'aehUng Productions, 1995) for the best cinematographic account of the
colonial period.

It is a touching story of friendship between an artist and a poet (one of
them returns to colonial Korea after the years of study in Japan) in the
early 1930s. This film offers an interesting, and rather unconventional,
interpretation of what Koreans saw and felt upon returning home from

For more details on this film and director details see

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Dear Membes of the Korean Studies discussion list:¨T I would appreciate
any suggestions about Korean films dealing with the colonial period that
portray Korean interpretations about the period.¨TI would be most
interested in knowing the titles of films that have English subtitles.

Rick McBride
Washington University in St. Louis

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