[KS] Two Sokkuram queries

Robert Oppenheim rmo at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Nov 9 14:23:01 EST 2005

Dear all,

I wonder if anyone could help me with two questions.  Forgive me if these 
are obvious; I'm not an art historian:

1) The central Buddha at Sokkuram retains traces of red paint on its 
lips.  Has anyone ever seen a discussion of how the rest of the stone 
surfaces of the temple were painted, traces remaining into the 20th 
century, etc.?  {Full disclosure: I've never been inside past the window to 
see up close}.

2) Can anyone suggest a reference, more generally, to discussions of 
conventions of depicting human figures in Korean Buddhist temple painting?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Rob Oppenheim

Robert Oppenheim
Assistant Professor
Department of Asian Studies
University of Texas, Austin
1 University Station G9300
Austin, TX 78712

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