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I think we have to consider linguistic features of languages when we discuss terms such as 'fatherland' and ' motherland'. In some languages nouns have a gender depending on their ending. For example, in Polish (and if I remember correctly the same holds for Russian), all nouns that end with "a" are feminine. Because the Polish name for Poland is 'Polska', it automatically becomes feminine and it would be illogical to refer to it as 'fatherland'. I think that this also explains why Russians refer to Russia as 'motherland'.


I hope this does make sense; I am not a linguist myself, but this just occurred to me when I was reading Doc Rock's (?!) message.



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But, on the other hand, it is mother Rus!

Doc Rock

Henny Savenije <webmaster at henny-savenije.pe.kr> wrote:

At 05:02 AM 11/19/2005, you wrote:

>While I agree that we often think of Germany in 
>the "Fatherland" context, I suspect that the 
>DPRK is echoing the Soviet Union's "Great 
>Fatherland War" (1941-45) rather than Nazi Germany.

I guess that would be a typical Anglophile 
reaction, since in Dutch it's also Fatherland, 
(and not motherland) and I guess the Scandinavian 
countries do the same. Germans still speak about 
Vaterland in a political sense, for instance für 
Fürst und Vaterland, while Heimat is more used in daily life.

The French speak about Patrie and Spanisch and 
Italians about patria, but I have no idea if they 
have the same sentiment against the word fatherland.

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