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eun at sfsu.edu eun at sfsu.edu
Thu Sep 8 15:30:10 EDT 2005

I'm writing a thesis on 1.5 generation Korean American artists that use the
1992 LA Riots as a point of departure in their artwork.  One of the things that
I've noticed is the ways in which these artists incorporate numbers (or rather
dates) in their art production which is significant as they signify historically
 significant events.  Can anyone help me fill in the meaning behind some of the
other dates? What is the number,what is the english spelling, and what is the event.
For example:
429, sa-i-gu, 4/29/92 LA Riots
???, il-sa-tae, ???
and so on.

Eun Jung Park Smith
San Francisco State Univeristy
Graduate Student

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