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Here are some more examples of such, and hope that they help you in some

삼일(3.1)운동 [sam-il un-dong]: The March 1st Movement (The day Koreans
demonstrated against Japanese occupation in 1919.) 

육이오(6.25)  [yuk-i-o]: The July 25th (The Korean War broken on July 25,

일사(1.4)후퇴 [il-sa hu-toe] : The Jan 4th Retreat (The day South Korean
and UN forces made retreat due to the Chinese intervention during the
Korean war.)

삼일오(3.15) 부정선거 [sam-il-o bu-jeong-seon-geo]: The March 15th Election
Rigging (The election irregularities committed during the election of March
15, 1960) 

사일구(4.19) 혁명 [sa-il-gu hyeok-myeong]: The April 19th Revolution (The
students demonstration against the March 15th Election Rigging that
resulted in President Rhee's resign in 1960) 

오일육(5.16) 구테타 [o-il-yuk gu-te-ta]: The May 16th Military Coup (The
coup led by President Park in 1961)

십이십이(12.12) 사태 [sip-i-sip-I sa-tae]: The December 12th Situation
(Another military coup led by President Chun and others in 1979 after the
assasination of President Park.)

오일팔(5.18) 광주사태 [o-il-pal Kwangju sa-tae]: The May 18th Kwangju
Situation (People's uprising on May 18, 1980 against the new military junta
led by Chun.)

Note that the brackets contain romanizations that follow the Korean
government's new system.

Best luck for your thesis,
Sun-Kwang Bae
Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center

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I'm writing a thesis on 1.5 generation Korean American artists that use the
1992 LA Riots as a point of departure in their artwork.  One of the things
that I've noticed is the ways in which these artists incorporate numbers
(or rather
dates) in their art production which is significant as they signify
historically  significant events.  Can anyone help me fill in the meaning
behind some of the other dates? What is the number,what is the english
spelling, and what is the event.
For example:
429, sa-i-gu, 4/29/92 LA Riots
???, il-sa-tae, ???
and so on.

Eun Jung Park Smith
San Francisco State Univeristy
Graduate Student

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