[KS] "In Transit" Photo Exhibit: Capturing Seoul in Motion

Anne Hilton annehilton at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 20:01:25 EDT 2005

This photo exhibit began on Sunday, September 11th and will continue through 
Sunday, September 25th. I would highly recommend it if you happen to be in 

"In Transit"

The show is entitled "In Transit" because it is a simple umbrella
phrase that captures the fast-beating heart of Seoul life as it is
found in the millions of people in near-perpetual motion everywhere the eye 
– and camera – can see. People spend so much time traveling in the most 
public of spaces, yet are so very alone in the experience. The picture above 
is the representative image of the exhibit, as the nearly 20 images in the 
show record the entire gamut of the transitory experience – from the most 
intimate of human interactions to the coldest of stationary spaces.

Location: Le Saint-Ex Bistro (Itaewon), located in the small alley 
beginning behind the Hamilton Hotel, exit from Itaewon Station, Exit #1

Contact: 02-795-2465

Michael Hurt
Sambu Golden Tower Officetel, Room 819
Mapo-gu, Yomni-dong 164-4
Seoul, Korea
011-822-6377-2665 (h) 
011-8216-512-9665 (c)

Anne Hilton
Fulbright ETA Program Coordinator
KAEC / Fulbright Building
168-15 Yomni-dong, Mapo-gu
Seoul 121-874
South Korea

Office: +82 (0)2-3275-4010 
Mobile: +82 (0)16-263-9665
Office email: etaintern at fulbright.or.kr
Personal email: anne.hilton at fulbright.or.kr

서울시 마포구 염리동 168-15
풀브라이트 빌딩
Anne Hilton
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