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Dear Emilia:
The following website may be a help -- in the article 9, Ahn Matthew cites
the frequency statistics of Korean consonant/vowel use from the KAIST
corpus. The site allows a full download of the article, and the data
appears in the second table.
9. 숫자로 견주어 본 여러 자판의 성능 비교
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Dear Koreanists,
Since a long time I have been searching for any data concerning the
frequency of occurence of Korean consonants and vowels 
in Korean text data or speech. 
However I have only found an article on the frequency of occurence of
Korean words and syllables: 
Choi, S.-W. 2000. Some Statistical Properties and Zipf's Law in Korean
Text Corpus. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 7 (1), 19 - 30.
Did anyone of you come across such research results?
With best regards,
Emilia Szalkowska
Institute of Linguistics, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
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