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Frank Hoffmann frank at koreaweb.ws
Fri Jun 16 21:24:36 EDT 2006

As for Na Hye-sôk photos:
The Art (not literature) section of Kyobo Mun'go 
will be helpful. You will find a couple of books 
on Na Hye-sôk with lots of photos ... and popular 
art magazines such as _Wôlgan misul_ and _Art in 
Culture_ have run several feature stories about 
her since the late 90s. Actually, there are 
probably far more than a hundred photos of her 
(re)published, most helpful and good for every 
abuse one can think of -- even without doing any 
more than selecting some. Madonna's MTV clips 
look pale against such richness in female types, 
many of them staged to the finest detail. Na as 
innocent teeny in traditional clothing, Na the 
elegant traitor on her pro-Japanese diplomat 
husband's side leaving for Manchuria, Na with 
expensive fur on her European tour, Na the 
fragile and wealthy femme fatale with champaign 
and high heels, Na while painting nudes, Na as 
independent young westernized intellectual with 
round glasses and boyish 1920s American golf 
dress, Na after the divorce as stupified Buddhist 
novice on demand, and so on.
Unfortunately, there is nobody who has not yet 
written about Na, and very many of the 
publications that I know of underestimate her 
ability as artist (not as writer) and the way she 
staged her own performance during much of her 


Frank Hoffmann

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