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Religions of Korea in Practice

Edited by Robert E. Buswell Jr.

Princeton University Press (pup.princeton.edu)


   Princeton Readings in Religions v 
   Contents by Theme ix 
   Contents by Chronology xi 
   Preface xiii 
   Major Periods in Korean History xv 

   Introduction • Don Baker 1 


  1. King Mu and the Making and Meanings of Mirǔksa 
     -- Jonathan W Best 35

  2. Wǒn'gwang and Chajang in the Formation of Early Silla Buddhism
     -- Pankaj N. Mohan 51

  3. A Miraculous Tale of Buddhist Practice during the Unified Silla
     -- Richard D. McBride II 65 

  4. Buddhism as a Cure for the Land
     -- Sem Vermeersch 76 

  5. The _P'algwanhoe_: From Buddhist Penance to Religious Festival
     -- Sem Vermeersch 86 

  6. Hell and Other Karmic Consequences: A Buddhist Vernacular Song
     -- Younghee Lee 100 

  7. A Buddhist Rite of Exorcism 
     -- Patrick R. Uhlmann 112 
  8. "A Crazy Drunken Monk": Kyǒngho and Modern Buddhist Meditation
     Practice    -- Jin Y. Park 130 

  9. Educating Unborn Children: A Sǒn Master's Teachings on _T'aegyo_ 
      --  Chong Go Sunim 144 

Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism 

  10. A Party for the Spirits: Ritual Practice in Confucianism
       -- Hongkyung Kim 163 

  11. The Great Confucian-Buddhist Debate
       -- Charles Muller 177 

  12. Confucianism and the Practice of Geomancy
       -- Hong-key Yoon 205 

  13. Voices of Female Confucians in Late Chosŏn Korea 
       -- Youngmin Kim 223


  14. Yi Kyubo's "Lay of the Old Shaman" 
       -- Richard D. McBride II 233 

  15. The Creation of the World and Human Suffering 
       -- Boudewijn Walraven 244 

  16. Sending Away the Smallpox Gods 
       -- Antonetta Lucia Bruno 259 

  17. Village Deities of Cheju Island 
       -- Boudewijn Walraven 284 

  18. Shamans, the Family, and Women 
       -- Boudewijn Walraven 306 

  19. A Shamanic Ritual for Sending On the Dead 
       -- Antonetta Lucia Bruno 325 


  20. Martyrdom and Social Activism: The Korean Practice of Catholicism
       -- Inshil Choe Yoon 355 

  21. Catholic Rites and Liturgy
       -- Franklin Rausch and Don Baker 376 

  22. Conversion Narratives in Korean Evangelicalism
       -- Timothy S. Lee 393 

  23. A New Moral Order: Gender Equality in Korean Christianity
       -- Hyaeweol Choi 409 

  24. Indigenized Devotional Practices in Korean Evangelicalism
       -- Timothy S. Lee 421 

  25.The Grieving Rite: A Protestant Response to Confucian Ancestral Rituals
       -- James Huntley Grayson 434

New Religions 

  26. The Great Transformation: Religious Practice in Ch'ǒndogyo
       -- Don Baker 449 

  27. The Korean God Is Not the Christian God: Taejonggyo's Challenge to Foreign Religions
       -- Don Baker 464 

  28. The Wǒn Buddhist Practice of the Buddha-Nature
       -- Jin Y. Park 476 

  29. Renewing Heaven and Earth: Spiritual Discipline in Chǔngsan'gyo
       -- Don Baker 487 

  30. Rites of Passage in the Unification Church
       -- Don Baker 497 

  31. Internal Alchemy in the Dahn World School
       -- Don Baker 508 

North Korea 

  32. The Sociopolitical Organism: The Religious Dimensions of Juche Philosophy
       -- Eun Hee Shin 517 

  Index 535


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