[KS] Korean female divinities

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 The first place to look for female deities would be the folk religion. 
Some mountain gods are female rather than male. And there are a number of 
female gods and spirits who appear in shaman rituals. You also might want 
to look at Kwaneum (who is usually thought of as female in Korea) since she 
is important both in Buddhism and in folk religion.

Also, though they are not gods, you might also want to look at the role of 
female  martyrs in the Koreran Catholic Church.

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>Dear members,
>I am currently writing my Ph.D. dissertation in Malaga University 
>about Korean Women religious practices and in particular about the 
>practices and devotions related to female divine figures. I will be 
>grateful if you have any suggestion about the topic or any 
>indication you think may be relevant for my study.
>Thank you very much and it is a real pleasure to be part of this 
>Antonio J. Domenech

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