[KS] Romanization guides

kevin parks kevin at macosx.com
Sat Jul 28 06:53:25 EDT 2007


I am working on some translations that will require me to render a 
handful of terms in the new Romanization system. I am still using the 
old McR system for my own stuff mostly since it doesn't much matter and 
it is the one I already know. Out of respect for the folks I am working 
for, I would like to render the Korean terms in these translations with 
the romanization system they will surely be required to use. For the old 
MCR system I had a little card that I kept in my dictionary and would 
consult when needed. I wonder if there is a good cheat-sheet on the web 
that anyone knows about that I could consult. Googling only led to 
various debates and long winded explanations.



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