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Dear all,

You may now find the latest set of reviews from our print partner Acta Koreana on the Korean Studies Review website:

http://koreaweb.ws/ks/ksr/ksr07-08.htm <http://koreaweb.ws/ks/ksr/ksr07-08.htm> :

E. Kwan Choi, E. Han Kim ad Yesook Merrill (eds.), North Korea in the World Economy, (2003) reviewed by Rudiger Frank 

http://koreaweb.ws/ks/ksr/ksr07-09.htm <http://koreaweb.ws/ks/ksr/ksr07-09.htm> :

Young-Key Kim-Renaud (ed.), Creative Women of Korea: The Fifteenth Through the Twentieth Centuries, (2004) reviewed by Sem Vermeersch
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