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I'm not a linguist but here's the main reason.  It should actually be Hanna
san, but the difficulty of pronunciation has made both the North & South
pronounce it Halla.  What we know as Chirisan is actually, Chiisan.

North Korean standardization of the Korean language is much more consistent
in orthography and pronunciation than South's.

See how both mountain names break away fr the natural consonant-vowel
c-v-c-v pattern of the Korean language?

Some Sino-Korean & loan words are quirky like that b/c Korean has it's
tendency.  For example, bus is romanized as 버스, but native Koreans pronounce
it as 뻐스; Chinese 자장면 is now 짜장면.


South North Hanja

On 5/24/07, Ruediger Frank <ruediger.frank at univie.ac.at> wrote:
> Dear all,
> it just occurred to me that Halla-san, the mountain in Cheju, is written
> Han-ra in South Korea, but Han-na in North Korea (pronounced, though, as
> Halla). Does anybody have a clue?
> Best,
> Ruediger
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