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Message submitted by Brother Anthony (Sogang University, Seoul) 
List members residing in or visiting Seoul might like to know of the following Lecture Meeting given under the auspices of the Royal Asiatic Society (Korea Branch). It is open to the public, and non-RAS members attending are invited to join or make a contribution toward expenses. 
Tuesday November 27th, 2007  7:30 p.m  
2nd floor, Residents lounge  Somerset Palace, Seoul (by Anguk-dong Rotary)
Korean folk music:from p'ansori to sinawi and sanjo   
A lecture by by Dr. Yeonok Jang
P'ansori (narrative song), sinawi (improvised instrumental ensemble music) and sanjo (instrumental solo piece) are all closely related in their developments and musical styles, to some degree. This lecture will first discuss the historical developments of each genre, prior to examining the characteristics, aesthetics and performance settings in each musical tradition.
The performance style of the early and contemporary p'ansori, such as eastern and western style (tongp'yonje and sop'yonje respectively), which apply different musical theories and aesthetics, will be discussed, as well as the singing techniques developed in each style. Rhythmic patterns, audience responses and involvements, observed in contemporary p'ansori and sanjo performances, and aesthetics, such as hung and han, commonly found in all of these musical genres will also be discussed. 
Dr. Yeonok Jang obtained a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from The University of London, where she used to teach Korean Music. She published articles including the British Journal of Ethnomusicology and in Papers of the British Association for Korean Studies. Dr. Jang is a Kayagum player and has given numerous lecture recitals in universities in the U.K, USA, Japan, France, and Norway and performances including Victoria and Albert Museum in London and National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently preparing for the publication of a monograph P'ansori and Its History from the Rise in the Marketplace to the Modern Day Concert Halls, while working as the Chairman of the Korean Artists' Association in the U.K.



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