[KS] Korean online article database ?

robinson at icu.ac.jp robinson at icu.ac.jp
Tue Jul 22 20:14:14 EDT 2008

And thanks to Frank for also providing the URL links to these services, in
part because neither of the two emails to which he refers reached my email
account. This information will be very helpful.

Ken Robinson

> Many thanks, Victoria. You made my day. I had not looked into the
> KRIS database (http://www.riss4u.net/) for years, and I am totally
> amazed how useful this has become now. Even two of the articles I
> wanted to download from the service mentioned in the last posting are
> in there, and access was free in this case. (I have not checked the
> other titles yet.) Again thank you! Also my thanks to Sun Joo ...
> http://papersearch.net/, yes, used that as a bibliography -- but that
> one also requires a (Korean) Citizen Residence Card ID in order to
> create an account and make payments to download articles.

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