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Well there is a group of rocks somewhere between Indonesia, 
Philippines and Vietnam which are claimed by all three of them and 
additionally by China

On Chinese maps, Chinese territory goes deep into the region between 
the three before mentioned countries.

In the past there have been repeated clashes between the 4 countries 
since they all claim these rocks are theirs, since these rocks are 
nothing more than that. They barely stick above the sea and are 
certainly not inhabitable. I just remember reading about them in a 
Philippine newspaper at the time I was there and according to the 
article and the accompanying photo they were definitely uninhabitable.

At 06:13 PM 7/27/2008, you wrote:
>Did anyone else happen to see the article in a newspaper recently about the
>difference between a rock and an island?  It seemed to be sort of a technical
>distinction, but with some significant ramifications.  As I 
>remember, a rock is
>not inhabitable, while an island is.  With an "island" go 
>territorial claims, as
>for example to fishing or other resources, but with a "rock," no 
>such claims can
>be made.
>David McCann

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