[KS] candlelight demonstrations in Korea and the beef deal issue

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Alice S. Kim

On Jun 9, 2008, at 5:45 PM, J.Scott Burgeson wrote:

> 1. `While cows 30 months of age and older at the time of slaughter  
> are in general not allowed to be sold for food consumption in the US  
> and elsewhere, the agreement between the US and South Korean  
> government included the import of beef from cattle over 30 months  
> old.`
> Q: Can you provide a reliable and up-to-date source for the first  
> part of this statement? I have read elsewhere that beef over 30  
> months old is widely used esp. for hamburger meat in the US.
> 2. `A video of a cow in the US that was unable to walk but was  
> passed as acceptable to be slaughtered and its beef included in the  
> human food supply was distributed on the Internet by netizens.`
> Vague attribution. What was the source of this video? MBC`s PD  
> Such`op? And did that cow actually have BSE (I have heard  
> otherwise)? Please provide a clear reference if possible.
>                         *  *  *  *  *
> Your article implies that there is insufficient democracy in South  
> Korea but does not really explain why so few people chose to  
> participate in the Presidential election of Dec. 2007 and thereby  
> register their democratic will at the institutional level. Political  
> apathy is distinct from lack of democracy. One might also note that  
> the GNP won a majority of seats in Parliament in April, yet your  
> article does not account for this phenomenon either (beyond perhaps  
> objecting to it on ideological grounds). Up until recently the  
> Korean electorate was seemingly conservative, which again is  
> distinct from lack of democracy.
> ChoJoongDong have their biases but many of the left-leaning sources  
> you site approvingly in your article have their biases as well,  
> which renders the persuasiveness of your analysis somewhat less than  
> it might otherwise be.
> --Scott Bug

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