[KS] Irredentist songs and anti-beef protests? Also p'Urak'Usi

Adam Bohnet mixoparth at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 12 18:11:50 EDT 2008

I wonder if it is mistake to overstress the irredentist aspects of Kwangya. It is a well established protest song, and participates in some aspects of the NL tradition of the protest movement (which always includes some irredentism.) A friend of mine suggested that the aspect of "one Korea" (i.e. North and South Korea) was always the aspect of the song that appealed more. But, as in any demonstration, different people participate for different reasons. (The Communists in Italy always had the best sausages, perhaps still do, which would have been a draw for me.).
Speaking of the demonstrations, I am curious about the origin of the "p'Urak'Usi" to mean "agent provocateur." My understanding is that, in German and other European languages, a fraction is usually a radical cell within a party or a labour union (perhaps I am wrong.) Is the use of p'Urak'Usi to mean agent provocateur a Korean innovation?
Sorry for my vague questions.

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