[KS] 4/28 Yonsei-KF Korean Studies Forum with Guest Speaker Nancy Abelmann (Hyuk-Rae Kim, Yonsei University)

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The 90th Yonsei-Kf Korean Studies ForumHost: Professor Hyuk-Rae Kim of the Korean Studies Program at Yonsei GSIS Speaker: Dr. Nancy Abelmann of the University of IllinoisTitle: The Domestication of South Korean Early Study Abroad (ESA) in the First Decade of the Millennium  Date: April 28 Time: 6 PM Venue: Yonsei University, New Millennium Hall, Room 112 Contact: Please contact Kimberely Hall at kimhall at yonsei.ac.kr or 010-4800-4895 for a copy of the bio and abstract.Directions: http://gsis.yonsei.ac.kr/html/content.asp?code=001007   Spring 2009 Presentation Schedule:*May 19, 91st Forum: "The Second An Chungk^un of Korea and the Politics of Making a National Hero", Jane Kim, Korea Foundation Research Fellow, PhD Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles June 2, 92nd Forum: "On Kang Kyong-ae and Her Act of Writing", Miryong Shim, Korea Foundation Research Fellow, PhD Candidate, Columbia University *Please note the new changes to the schedule.
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