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Sunjoo Kim sunjookim1 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 30 18:59:21 EDT 2009

Dear list members,
It is my great pleasure to announce that Miam ilgi: Select 
Translations with Introduction, edited by Sun Joo Kim and Kwon 
Oh-Young, is now available through following website (link below). The 
select translations from the Miam ilgi 眉巖日記 (Yu Hŭi-ch’un’s Diary) 
are the result of the First International Summer Hanmun Workshop, 
sponsored by the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS, Han’gughak Chungang 
Yŏn’guwŏn), Korea, and the Korea Institute, Harvard University, held 
June 29 to July 24, 2009 at the AKS. The workshop was directed by Sun 
Joo Kim, Professor of Korean History, Harvard University. Daily 
instruction on reading the diary in modern Korean was provided by 
Professor Kwon Oh-Young of AKS. Ten participants from North American 
universities daily produced Korean as well as English translations of 
the diary after the morning reading session. Sun Joo Kim edited the 
Korean and English translations while Kwon Oh-Young proofread the Korean 
On the website (click “Hanmun Workshop” on the left column), you will 
find six PDF files. I strongly recommend the visitors to read the file 
“1 Introduction” first.
This website is apparently under construction and I will periodically 
update it. You may find other translated texts from “Resources” tap in the near future.
Thank you.
Sun Joo Kim

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