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Academia Koreana, the Korean studies research institute of Keimyung University, is pleased to announce the publication of Acta Koreana Vol. 12, No. 1, the table of contents of which may be found below. Acta Koreana is a refereed journal registered with the Korea Research Foundation and is published semi-annually on 15 June and 15 December. Submissions of academic articles, interviews and book reviews in the field of Korean studies and translations of Korean literature are accepted throughout the year. 
For more information about Acta Koreana's aims, editorial board, submission guidelines, subscriptions and so on, please visit our website at http://actkoreana.kmu.ac.kr
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ACTA KOREANA, VOL. 12, NO. 1 (15 JUNE 2009)
"Yongdong Nongak": Mountains, Music, and the SamulNori Canon
By Nathan Hesselink                                                                                             1-26
Korean Fusion Music on the World Stage: 
Perspectives on the Aesthetics of Hybridity
By R. Anderson Sutton                                                                                         27-52
A Case Study on the Perception of the Wonhyong (Original Form) of
Local Music in Korea
By Kwon Hyunseok                                                                                              53-71
The Melodic Framework of Sanjo - Focusing on a Comparison
of Chinyangjo in Kayagum Sanjo and Komun'go Sanjo
By Kim Hae Sook                                                                                              73-121
An Etymological Study of the Origin of Ancient Korean Music
Based on "Sori (Sound)" and "Norae (Song)" as Derivatives of "Sin (God)"
By Kim Yangdong                                                                                            123-145
Kim Hongdo's Depictions of Commoners' Manual Labor and Their
Possible Inspiration from Illustrations in Song Yingxing's Tian gong kai wu
By Saehyang P. Chung                                                                                     147-167
"Mallow Gardens" and "Corpses" by P'yon Hye-yong
Translated by Cindy Chen
Introduced by Bruce Fulton                                                                                169-199
An Interview with Professor Yi Hyegu
Conducted and translated by Yeonok Jang                                                         201-216
An Interview with P'yon Hyeyong
Conducted and translated by Cindy Chen                                                           217-222
Korean Kayagum Sanjo: A Traditional Instrumental Genre
By Keith Howard, Chaesuk Lee, and Nicholas Casswell
Kevin Parks                                                                                                     223-228
Transformation in Twentieth Century Korea
Edited by Chang Yun-Shik and Steven Hugh Lee
Will Pore                                                                                                        228-233 
The Korean War: A Historical Dictionary
By Paul M. Edwards
James E. Hoare                                                                                               233-235
Sending the Ship Out to the Stars: Poems of Park Je-chun
By Park Je-chun, trans. Ko Chang Soo
Scott Swaner                                                                                                   235-237
In Memoriam: Professor Mikhail Nikolaevich Pak
(June 21, 1918 - April 16, 2009)
Vladimir Tikhonov                                                                                             239-242

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