[KS] Tiger Hunters Guild - 작호군 - Choseon dynasty

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There are some references to tiger hunting in William Sands memoir of his
time in Korea, Undiplomatic Memories.  If memory serves he bagged a tiger
himself just northeast of the current site of Kookmin University in

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> Greetings;
> I am a journalist and author based in Canada.
> Currently, I am researching a book concerning human-tiger relations in
> Northeast Asia.
> Specifically, I am seeking information on the Tiger Hunters Guild
> (Chakhogun?),  its history, composition, duties, status, weapons,
> training, etc.
> Did they consider tigers sacred, too?
> I am also seeking information on Hong Pomdo who I understand was a tiger
> hunter before he became an independence fighter.
> Thank you for your assistance!
> Please reply to:  jvaillant at aol.com
> Best regards,
> John Vaillant
> Vancouver
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