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*Call for Papers*

*Marital Dissolution in Asia*

Submission deadline: *23 November 2009*

6 - 7 May 2010

Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore


Asia is characterized by a wide diversity of patterns in both marital
formation and marital dissolution. Changes in divorce rates have been linked
to ideational change, shifts in education and labor force participation of
women, changing nature of spouse selection, changes in marriage age, extent
of social support for divorced women, changes in religious and civil laws
regulating divorce and changes in life expectancy.

In the less wealthy countries of Asia, divorce rates have varied
tremendously in the past, from very low rates in South Asian countries to
very high rates in the Malay-Muslim populations of Southeast Asia. It is
only when the traditional marriage and kinship systems in these countries
are understood, along with the pressures under which they are placed by
social and economic developments, that trends in divorce can be understood.

*Dissertation Workshop*

*Democracy and Identity in Asia*

The Asian Institute at the University of Toronto invites applications and
participants for a dissertation workshop on “Democracy and Identity in Asia”
to be held May 13-15, 2010.  The workshop will focus on the themes of
democracy and identity in any part of Asia. Applicants should be researching
some aspect of the politics of identity recognition in Asia in recent
decades, and the challenges it has posed to practices and understandings of
democracy. Questions to be considered include: How do emerging democracies
accommodate group demands? How do historically defined notions of state and
nation clash with emerging claims for ethnic, gender, and sexual identity
recognition? How is the very meaning of democracy in Asia being reformulated
to account for these claims? What kinds of political spaces have allowed the
mobilization of identity-based movements to develop in Asia?

The workshop will take place over two or three days on the campus of the
University of Toronto. It will include a small group of students and a few
faculty members representing different disciplines and interdisciplinary
fields. The costs of the workshop, meals, and accommodations will be covered
by the Asian Institute at the University of Toronto. Travel will be
subsidized up to a maximum of CDN$500 per participant. Applicants should
seek additional travel grants from their home institutions, and consult with
the Asian Institute if travel costs prove problematic.


Applications consist of two items:

1) A current curriculum vitae.

2) An 8 to 10 page double spaced dissertation proposal. Alternatively, if
the work is well underway, an 8 to 10 page double spaced description of the
specific issues being addressed, the intellectual approach, and the
materials being studied. Workshop participants will be selected on the
content of the submitted projects, the potential for useful exchanges among
them, and the benefits of including a wide range of disciplinary and
interdisciplinary approaches and intellectual traditions. Applications
should be sent by email attachment to asian.institute at utoronto.ca.
Applicants will be informed whether or not they have been selected for the
workshop by January 31st. For further information about the workshop or
eligibility, please contact asian.institute at utoronto.ca.

Student in UCLA's Ph.D. program in Culture and Performance

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