[KS] Exclusively(?) Catholic terms in pre-20th c. Chinese and Korean texts

Sun Jan 17 12:39:19 EST 2010

Yes, as Br. Anthony suggested, it is perplexing to come across statements that
are either factually incorrect or stated in such a way that they mislead. For
my part, on the same token, to avoid demonizing or misrepresenting a scholar
who's work I have otherwise benefitted from, I should mention that upon
re-examining  Kim's statement, I see that what he's saying can also mean
"characteristic" as opposed to merely "exclusive" or "of one's own ownership,"
which might leave some room for debate ("...cheonjugyohoe-ui goyuhan yongeo /
천주교회의 고유한 용어..."). Unfortunately, however, without further
clarification, such a statement can lead to the wrong conclusion regarding the
facts. Access to other informed opinions are indispensable in such cases. Many
thanks to those members who responded immediately to help clear up the

Deberniere Torrey

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