[KS] Search for (erstwhile) AKSE members

Marion Eggert marion.eggert at rub.de
Sat Jan 30 11:22:05 EST 2010

Dear list members,
I am asking your help in finding following persons who have been members 
of AKSE but failed to update their address information so that mail sent 
to them was returned.

Mr. Hyuok Baek
Dr. Kinga Dygulska-Jamro
Dr. Anastasia Guryeva
Dr. Sook-ja Moon

Whoever knows the e-mail address of one of these persons is asked to 
forward this message to him/her. In case they are interested in 
remaining AKSE members, they should then send an e-mail to me 
<marion.eggert at rub.de> with information regarding their snailmail address.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.

With best regards
Marion Eggert

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