[KS] Seeking English language sources on Korean aesthetic

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I am seeking English language references to Korea¹s cultural impact on
Japanese aesthetics, especially the qualities of ³wabi², ³sabi² and
³shibui². This would include but not be limited to ceramics in the 16th
century and beyond. Classical and contemporary analysis, commentary is
welcome. I plan to use the information in an article on ³beauty² for
Parabola as well as to inform lectures and other writing on the roots of
rusticity as presented in Japanese tea ceremony.

Many thanks.
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Conversation: Complicated Currents
Subject: [KS] Complicated Currents

Dear all,

I¹d like to announce the publication (and free online access... hear, hear!)
of Monash University Press¹s Complicated Currents: Media Flows, Soft Power
and East Asia, edited by Daniel Black, Stephen Epstein and Alison Tokita. I
believe that except for chapter 11 (my own), this is an extremely valuable
(and well edited) collection of studies on Korean and East Asian popular
culture, and certainly worth checking out.





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